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Recognition and assessment of education acquired abroad

The Assessment of education is a procedure within which the ENIC – NARIC centre in Slovenia issues an official opinion regarding education.

The opinion contains  information on different elements of the assessed education, such as the educational qualification, the status of educational institution and educational programme, the field of education, the obtained title or degree, a short description of the educational system, a comparison with educational system in the Republic of Slovenia, etc.

Assessment procedures are in accordance with Assessment and Recognition of Education Act, adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia at its session of 19 October 2011. 

Information on recognition and assessment of education is available at: http://www.mizs.gov.si/en/areas_of_work/direktorat_za_visoko_solstvo/enic_naric_centre/assessment_of_education/#c18907

Contact information on the ENIC - NARIC center:

Kotnikova 38

1000 Ljubljana


Phone:  00386 1 478 47 45 

Fax: 00 386 1 478 47 19

E-mail: enicnaric-slovenia.mvzt(at)gov.si