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University of Primorska

The University of Primorska established in 2003 consists of seven departments, two research institutes, student housing, the library, and two associate units. The main campus of the university is located in Koper, however, several teaching units have their facilities in other locations, namely in Koper and Izola. The main purpose of this university is sustainable regional development of the Slovene Littoral. In the academic year 2013/2014, the university had 6,168 students and 723 staff members. The main aim of the university is to contribute to the development of knowledge and, consequently, to the sustainable social development of the local and wider regional environment.

The University of Primorska has 11 departments:


Seven faculties:

- Faculty of Built Environment

- Faculty of Humanities

- Faculty of Management

- Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

- Faculty of Education

- Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica

- Faculty of Health Sciences


Two research institutes:

- Science and Research Centre Koper

- Andrej Marušič Institute


As well as two associate members:

- Faculty of Design Ljubljana

- Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital


 The University of Primorska offers study programmes at undergraduate (first cycle) and postgraduate level (second and third cycles). All study programmes are international comparable. In English language the following study programmes are offered: 


- First cycle: Management, Mathematics; 

- Second cycle: Management, Mathematical sciences, Tourism; 

- Third cycle: Mathematical sciences.


For more information please consult the brochure “Go UP!” at: http://www.hippocampus.si/ISBN/978-961-6963-23-7/index.html  





The University of Primorska is active in international cooperation and exchange with foreign universities. On the basis of bilateral agreements and participation in international networks, it offers to students and staff members various exchange possibilities in the fields of education and research within the CEEPUS and Erasmus programs. Particularly the latter is getting more popular among both students and professors. 


The University of Primorska has in 2014 in effect 55 international and 17 national exchange agreements. Bilateral agreements are in effect with various universities in four continents, among them several universities in the U.S.:


 - San Diego State University,

- Hawai'i Pacific University,

- Dowling College,

- St. Thomas University,

- Ball State University.


For more information regarding the international cooperation and exchange please visit: http://www.upr.si/index.php?page=static&item   

The list of study programs in English is available at: http://www.upr.si/index.php?page=static&item=205   

For the enrolment see: http://www.upr.si/index.php?page=static&item=18   

The price list (in Slovene) is available at: http://www.upr.si/sites/unipr_si/silos//3ff1243ec15955abae60cc22742d8cd6   




University of Primorska

Department of International Relations

Titov trg 4

6000 Koper




Ms. Tatjana Mikelić Goja

Head, Department of International Relations

Phone: +(3865) 611-7556

Fax: +(3865) 611-7530

E-mail: tatjana.mikelic.goja(at)upr.si    



Ms. Maja Bratuš Vidmar

Department of International Relations

Phone: +(3865) 611-7500

Fax: +(3865) 611-7530

E-mail: maja.vidmar(at)upr.si