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Registration of Marriage or Divorce

Marriage Registration
Divorce Registration

Marriage Registration

If you have married in the territory of the US, you are also obliged to register your marriage in the Slovenian Vital Records.

Documents to be submitted:

1. Completed and signed application form

2. Marriage Certificate with an Apostille Seal and a translation to Slovenian language
The Apostille seal has to be obtained from the competent authority, usually State Department Office in the State which issued the Marriage Certificate.

Both Marriage Certificate and Apostille seal need to be translated to Slovenian language.

The Embassy does not offer translation services. Translations to be provided by the applicant. Translations using Google Translate are not adequate.

The list of translators is available here. The Embassy does not guarantee the quality of the translation and is in no way connected to the persons/companies on the list.


3. Copy of passport of your spouse (should your spouse wish to use your surname after the marriage, he/she must change the surname in his/her country and submit a photocopy of the passport with the new surname)  

4.  Statement of the name chosen after your marriage (if last name after marriage is not evident from the marriage certificate)

5. Completed and signed permission to copy personal documents

6. Prepaid express courier envelope
(i.e. US Postal Service, UPS, Fedex, etc. (must have tracking number) to receive the Slovenian Marriage Certificate back by mail. Please note that all express mail air bill labels of Fedex must reflect the customer’s mailing address as both the sender and recipient.

If the envelope is not submitted, the certificate will be sent back by ordinary USPS mail. The Embassy cannot guarantee the shipment will be delivered.

Please do not forget to enclose contact information form.

If you were married before and did not register your divorce in Slovenia, you need to submit a divorce decision, recognized by District Court in Slovenia. If you are widowed, you need to submit Death Certificate of the previous spouse, legalized with Apostille (if issued in the US) and translated into Slovenian.

Divorce Registration

Registering divorce processed in the US Courts is divided into two phases:

1. RECOGNITION OF THE FOREIGN COURT DECISION – done by the District Court in Slovenia

This part of the procedure is done by the applicant.

For this procedure, you need:

1. Request for Recognition of a Foreign Court Decision (should be obtained at the respective court) 

2. Final Divorce Decision - original
   • Legalized with Apostille (more information)
   • Translated into Slovenian by a court certified translator (list)

Applicants with decisions from US Courts usually encounter problems with providing the Certificate of Finality of the Decision, as the US courts do not issue such certificates.

The Court is willing to assist the applicants directly in determining the requirements for a specific procedure.

3. Fee
The payment of the court fee is done on the basis of a Payment Order issued by the Court upon receipt of the Request for Recognition of a Foreign Court Decision. The Order includes the information on payments from abroad.

We recommend that the applicants authorize a representative for the service of documents in the Republic of Slovenia.

When procedure at the respective court is concluded, the court is willing to send the final Decision to the competent Administrative Unit, provided that the applicant submits a request to send the decision directly to the Administrstive Unit. The request shoud contain the information on the competent Administrative Unit and a reference number.  

2. REGISTRATION IN THE VITAL RECORDS IN SLOVENIA – done by the Administrative Unit

For this procedure, you need:

1. Recognized foreign Court Decision (the result of the procedure as indicated in section above)

2. Statement of name after the divorce – to be done at the Embassy
Statement indicating the applicant wishes to change his/her married name back to maiden name may be done within 12 months after the divorce becomes final, provided that the applicant had changed his/her last name when he/she got married (not via the standard name change procedure). After 12-month period the name change has to go through the standard name change procedure.

The Embassy sends the statement to the competent Administrative Unit with notice that the recognized foreign court decision will be submitted upon completion of the court procedure.

You will receive the reference number to be included in the request from the Embassy.