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In accordance with the Residence Registration Act citizens of Slovenia who emigrated from Slovenia  are obligated to register their new permanent address abroad.

If the exact address is unkonwn at the time of departure from Slovenia, Slovenian citizens can notify the authorities any time thereafter, including through our Embassy. The exact address and updates thereof are important for the exercise of the voting rights of the Slovenian citizens, as all Slovenian citizens are registered in the electoral roll. The election material is sent by mail, therefore the registration and updating of the permanent address is important for receiving the election materials in due time.

Permanent address abroad for a child can be registered by both parents, or one of the parents with the consent of the other, or other legal representative.
There is no need for the consent of the other parent in the following cases:
- if they register the child at an address which is identical to the address of both parents;
- if the registration is performed for a foreigner's child;
- if the child's address is registered by the parent to whom he is entrusted with the care and education;
- if the child's place of residence is determined by an agreement on the protection, education and maintenance of children or the decision of the competent court;
- if the residence of the other parent is unknown;
- if the parent's right parental rights or competence have been revoked;
- if the other parent is prevented from exercising the parental right

Permanent address registration may affect your tax obligations.

More information on international taxation is available on the website of the Ministry of Finance here.


In order to register your new address abroad please send the following form and a proof of your new address to the Embassy email address:

Registration of address for adults

Registration of address for minors





The Embassy can upon request issue the following certificates:

1. Certificate of permanent residence / permanent address abroad
2. Certificate of previous permanent residences / permanent addresses abroad
3. Certificate of address for service
4. Certificate of temporary residence / temporary address abroad
5. Certificate of previous temporary residences / temporary addresses abroad
6. Certificate from a household record with personal data of all members
7. Certificate from household records on the number of members

The fee for a certificate outside of the change procedures is 15 USD.