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Citizens with permanent or temporary residence outside Slovenia can apply for a new passport at the diplomatic-consular representations abroad.

Republic of Slovenia issues four types of passports:

1. For a citizen below 3 years of age the passport is issued with the validity of 3 years

2. For a citizen from 3 to 18 years of age the passport is issued with the validity of 5 years

3. Citizens above 18 year of age obtain a passport with the validity of 10 years.

4. In exceptional cases, when fingerprinting is impossible due to serious health reason or if a citizen has lost more than one passport, the passport is issued with the validity of 1 year.


For the purpose of identification and fingerprinting the applicant has to apply for a new passport IN PERSON and only at the Embassy in Washington DC or Consulate General in Cleveland, OH.

You CANNOT apply for a new passport at the Honorary Consulates.

The Embassy periodically organizes consular hours in cities under its jurisdiction (New York and San Francisco, occasionally also Los Angeles). Once the date for the consular hours is set, precise information is published in the news section on the Embassy website and FB page.



If you have changed your name because of marriage during the validity of your passport, the procedure of the registration of marriage has to be conducted before a new passport with a new name can be issued.

Permanent Residence (Address)

Before you apply for a new passport, your permanent or temporary residence (address) must be updated in the Slovenian records.


When you are requesting the appointment for the passport application, please also attach a filled out questionnaire that enables us to check existing information in our records and determine if additional updates are necessary.


Since 2009 the Republic of Slovenia is issuing biometric passports containing the biometry of facial image and two fingerprints.

Use of individual biometric characteristics represents the most modern trend of using modern technology in the fight against forgery or falsification of documents, and it also represents important step in fight against terrorism.

Control of biometric data written on the chip can be implemented solely when crossing a border by comparing the biometric characteristics of a person who is crossing the border with the biometric characteristics of facial image and fingerprints contained on the chip.

The Slovenian legislation stipulates the following regarding the use of biometric data:

- fingerprinting is obligatory for every applicant above 12 years of age;

- during the application process, the applicant's fingerprints are obtained from both index fingers using an electronic device (special fingerprinting scanner). If health reasons prevent the fingerprinting of the index fingers, other fingers can be scanned for prints (print of the middle finger, ring finger or a thumb);

- in case of an acute medical condition (e.g. burns, cuts or other injuries which are expected to heal within a year) preventing fingerprinting, a passport containing only facial image biometric data is issued with the validity of 1 year;

- in case of a lasting medical condition (e.g. a person without fingers or with lifelong injuries) preventing the fingerprinting a passport containing only facial image biometric data is issued with a standard validity;

- fingerprints are not kept in the system once the receipt of the passport is registered in the system.


An appointment is necessary.

Please request one by email to sloembassy.washington(at)gov.si  

Suggest a day and hour within official hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Wednesday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM). 

If the suggested date is not confirmed, we will offer you another date as soon as possible. With your appointment request please also attach a filled out questionnaire that enables us to check existing information in our records and determine if additional updates are necessary.

We recommend to schedule an appointment in due time. Passport will be sent to our Embassy within 14 days after submission of the application, if the applicant fulfills the requirements.


1. The (expired) Slovenian passport

If you do not have one, then a color ID and proof of Slovenian Citizenship is required

2. Photo

One photo (please consult the attached instructions accurately and warn the photographer about the requirements!)

- Facial image shall not comprise more than 70% of the photograph (on all of the four sides there has to be 3 to 5 mm of empty space from the head to the edge)

- The photograph can be black and white or in color, the background should be light brown or light blue

- The person must not show his or her teeth

- Head has to be leveled, nose in the middle of the photo

- Sharpness and contrast are important

- Face has to be evenly brightened and without shadows

- Persons wearing glasses, must ensure that the frames do not cover their eyes and that there is no visible reflection on the glasses

- On the photos of children no hands of parents or toys should be seen (the best way to photograph them is in the lying position)

- Best photo for fair-haired or white-haired persons is black and white

3. Prepaid express envelope with tracking number

(i.e. US Postal Service, UPS, etc.; must have tracking number) addressed from the Embassy to your address, if you wish to receive the passport back by mail. 

The Embassy does not take the responsibility for a lost passport. If you wish to receive the new passport by mail please submit the statement of permission to mail passport.

If the prepaid express envelope is not provided with the application, the passport must be collected in person at the Embassy. No exceptions!

4. Consular fee

Consular fee has to be paid by Money Order payable to »The Embassy of Slovenia« (NO PERSONAL CHECKS, NO CARDS!).

Consular fee is:

7 USD for the passport application


- 122 USD for a 10 year passport – for all persons of age

- 78 USD for a 5 year passport – for persons from 3 to 18 years of age

- 57 USD for a 3 year passport – for persons under 3 years of age

- 46 USD for a 1 year passport– in case of loss of passport more than once or medical condition preventing fingerprinting (see above)