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General Information

Long-term visas or visas "D" are issued for periods exceeding 90 days and up to 1 year, to persons entering the Republic of Slovenia for specific, legislatively prescribed purposes: education, unification of family, diplomatic accreditation, business people or academics because of the national interest, professional athletes, reporters and priests or humanitarian workers.

If the applicant wishes to stay in Slovenia for more than 1 year or engage in gainful occupation or does not fall under the above categories, they need to apply for a RESIDENCY PERMIT.




Visa D application procedure may require an in-person interview with the applicant.

An appointment is necessary. Please request one by email to sloembassy.washington(at)gov.si
Suggest a day and hour within official hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Wednesday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM).
If the suggested date is not confirmed, we will offer you another date.

Appointments are usually scheduled at least 5 days after the request has been received.

A personal interview may be required upon receipt of the complete visa application by mail. You will be notified promptly if an interview is to take place or not.

If the personal interview is not required you will receive your passport back by mail using the prepaid envelope provided with the application once the visa is issued.


Consular fee for the visa "D" is 77 EUR, which is calculated into USD monthly. It is currently 91 USD.

Consular fee has to be paid in cash or by Money Order payable to » The Embassy of Slovenia« (NO PERSONAL CHECKS, NO CARDS!). Please double check the fee before submitting application.

If you are a direct family member of a Slovenian or EU citizen please verify with the Consular office, if you are eligible for a visa fee waiver.


In order to apply for a visa:

1. The passport must be valid at least 3 months longer than the intended stay.
2. Passport issued more than 10 years ago cannot be considered for the application (regardless if the passport is still valid/was prolonged).
3. At least two pages must be empty in the visa section of the passport.


Applicants must submit a letter from the insurance company stating that:

1. you will be covered outside the United States, for a coverage of at least 30.000 EUR (40.000 USD),
2. valid in Europe/Schengen countries
3. includes medical emergencies, urgent care, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains
4. valid for the entire period of the applicant's intended stay or transit within the validity of the visa, i.e. the insurance must only cover the period of effective stay, not the validity of the visa (in cases of multiple entry visas, the insurance must be bought for each trip to the Schengen area – failure to provide proof of insurance at the border is grounds for denial of entry into the Schengen area countries).

We suggest the insurance coverage is a couple of days longer than the intended stay, for cases of delayed flights or similar.

Make sure that your insurance coverage letter will meet ALL the requirements and all information clearly shown. Photocopy of your insurance card is not sufficient enough to meet the above requirements.

Full policies will not be studied.

If you don’t succeed to get the required coverage letter from your insurance company, you must purchase an international medical insurance for the trip.

PLEASE NOTE: the insurance coverage letter is a compulsory document*. If the Medical insurance document is missing, the visa will be denied.

*This does not apply to holders of diplomatic passports.


As proof of financial means of support you may submit different documentation:

If receiving financial support from parents or other person you have to submit:
1 signed and notarized statement of support - statement must list the duration of support (whole stay in Slovenia) and the monthly amount the parent/person will be providing to applicant;
2 evidence of employment for parent/other person - original letter from employer and paychecks for most recent 3 months or 3 most recent bank statements showing regular deposits.

If employed you have to submit:
1 evidence of employment – original letter from employer;
2 paychecks for most recent 3 months or 3 most recent bank statements showing regular deposits.


Please note: if there are any documents missing from the application, the Embassy will base its decision on the existing documentation, which may lead to a refusal of the visa.

Documents required for ALL APPLICATIONS:
1 completed and signed application form for visa “D”;
2 original valid passport (see requirements);
3 1 copy of passport (biometric page); PLEASE SIGN THE COPY!
4 biometric color photograph (3,5 x 4,5 cm, face must cover 70-80% of area), see requirements;
5 travel health insurance (see requirements);
6 signed statement that you allow us to copy the passport and other documents submitted with the application;
7 statement of permission to mail passport;
8 prepaid express courier envelope (i.e. US Postal Service, UPS, etc.; must have tracking number) addressed from the Embassy to your address in order to receive the passport back by mail. If the prepaid express courier envelope is not provided with the application, the passport must be collected in person at the Embassy. No exceptions!

MEMBERS OF COURSES, STUDIES OR OTHER SIMILAR FORMS OF EDUCATION (such as language courses, summer schools) in length of at least 3 months and up to 1 year – for courses shorter than 3 months, visa D is not issued.

9 evidence of enrollment – original enrolment letter from Organization in Slovenia;
10 evidence of payment for the course (if applicable);
11 evidence of sufficient financial means

EXCHANGE OR REGULAR STUDENTS need to have a residency permit. They can apply for it in Slovenia directly. Please note the rules on background checks.

DIPLOMATS AND ADMINISTRATIVE-TECHNICAL PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS, ARRIVING TO SLOVENIA TO TAKE THEIR POSTS (longer than 3 months) as members of diplomatic mission or consulate of foreign country or international organization with seat in Republic of Slovenia.

9 original diplomatic or official valid passport which expiry date exceeds the intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia by at least three months, moreover at least two pages must be empty in the visa section of the passport;
10 diplomatic note of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with data about their posts and eventual family members traveling with diplomats

9 certificate of a relevant religious institution/humanitarian organisation in the country of origin of their assignment to the Republic of Slovenia (date of arrival and duration of stay indicated);
10 evidence of sufficient financial means (see requirements);
11 certificate of the relevant religious community/humanitarian organisation in Slovenia regarding the arrival, and indicating the type and duration of activities in Slovenia

THIS CATEGORY CAN ALSO APPLY FOR A RESIDENCY PERMIT IN SLOVENIA. Please note the rules on background checks.

For other categories of foreigners (sport trainers, professional athletes, reporters of foreign media, family members of Slovenian citizens, educational workers or business people etc.) please contact the Embassy of Slovenia at sloembassy.washington(at)gov.si


The visa also serves as a basis for application for the residency permit in Slovenia; in this case, the FBI background check or country-specific equivalent is required with the visa application.

Please note: if you are applying for a RESIDENCY PERMIT on the basis of visa D, the background check can only be 3 months old on the date of the application for the residency permit and in needs to have an Apostille.


Visa applications have to be submitted at least one month before the day of departure but no more than three months before the start of the intended visit.
Once you collect requested documents please send them by mail to the Embassy of Slovenia address:

Embassy of Slovenia
Consular Section
2410 California Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20008

If you have additional questions send an e-mail inquiry to: sloembassy.washington(at)gov.si. Please indicate your name, purpose and duration of stay in Slovenia, and contact info. Inquiries will be answered ASAP.