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Heaven and Earth: Art Exhibition by Barbara Demšar

You are kindly invited to the opening of an art exhibition by Barbara Demšar titled Heaven and Earth on April 5 2018 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Gallery Agora (530 W 25th St) in New York.

The international exhibition Heaven and Earth presents 14 artists who are engaged in the study of beauty both in sublime and in everyday's life. It includes very different media and styles that go beyond traditional frames. The exhibition invites the viewer to consider how the vision of every artist captures the world in which he/she lives and what lies beyond.

In her playful abstract landscapes, Barbara Demsar paints the natural world with a vivid, childlike optimism. Harmonious, bright, and airy, her lemon yellow and eggshell compositions are littered with delicate doodles, dots of pigment, and whimsical, collaged shapes. These distinctive narratives reflect the artist’s perception of the real world; her subjective philosophies are expressed via a unique and joyful pictorial language.

Demšar’s melodious landscapes share a roster of recurring symbols. In addition to thin loops and sinuous lines, tiny infinity symbols, three point crowns, and hollow half rings appear throughout her works, lending a sense of connectedness to each buoyant composition. Furthermore, Landscape and Good Morning Sun each feature markers of a horizon line and a sun, as well as various other duplicated visual signifiers that remain mysterious. There Somewhere is a hazier composition featuring small clusters of evocative shapes atop a subtly printed background. Finally, Here and Now utilizes an all over composition, and bright red flecks and dabs of paint punctuate the golden, textured background.

The exhibition will be open for viewing until April 25, 2018.