Veleposlaništvo RS Washington /Napovednik /

Capital Harvest on the Plaza, May 18 11am-2pm

Did you know that one in every three bites of food that we consume depends on bee pollination, or that the Carniolan Gray species that is native to Slovenia is one of the hardest working of all the honey bees worldwide? Or the fact that beekeeping is very important part of Slovenian cultural heritage?

Within the framework of the EU Month of Culture join the Slovenian Embassy and members of the Tourist Office "Radolca" - bee capital of the world at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (RRB/ITC) on May 18th to celebrate World Bee Day and commemorate the importance of bees at the Capital Harvest on the Plaza (CHoP) farmers market. Stop by the Slovenian Embassy's booth to learn more about their bees and bee products. And be sure to check out the demonstration of honey-inspired recipes by the RRB/ITC’s culinary team.

Not only will the event examine the role bees play in human food production and health, but it will also consider how monoculture farming, genetically modified agricultural products, and the wide use of pesticides are putting bees and other pollinators at increasingly high risk for their own survival. Join us as we promote the important role that bees play in terms of food security, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, climate change migration, and a healthy environment!

Buzz by and try out some of the most amazing organic honeys and selection of natural bee-pollens from Upper Carniola region in Slovenia!