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Traditional Slovenian Breakfast at Harriet Tubman E.S.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast project took place on November 18 in kindergartens and primary schools throughout Slovenia.  During the first school period, children breakfasted on brown bread, honey, butter, milk, and apples, all of which were of organic and local origin.  

The Embassy of Slovenia in Washington, D.C. introduced the traditional Slovenian honey breakfast on Thursday, November 17, to the Harriet Tubman Elementary School students. The fifth-grade class enjoyed the traditional Slovenian breakfast goods prepared and served by the embassy staff: home-made bread, butter, Slovenian honey, locally produced milk and apples, as well as walnut and raisin potica cake. During the lesson that was presented in the frame of the Embassy Adoption Program, students also became acquainted with Slovenian traditional ways of harvesting, wheat threshing and milling, making bread in a brick oven, traditional butter making, beekeeping, and organic fruit growing.

Originally initiated by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, the Traditional Slovenian Honey Breakfast project aims to educate, inform and raise awareness of children in kindergartens and elementary schools – as well as the general public -- of the importance of eating breakfast, of the benefits of locally grown food, of the need for agricultural activities that preserve the environment, and of beekeeping for agricultural production and economic activity. The project also raises the awareness of youth and the general public of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including health-enhancing physical activity and sports.