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Minister Dr. Cerar concludes a visit to Washington DC, meeting with the State Secretary Pompeo and National Security Adviser Bolton

Washington, December 14, 2018 - On the second day of his visit to the US capital Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Miro Cerar met with his host State Secretary Michael Pompeo and President's National Security Adviser John Paul Bolton.
Minister Dr. Cerar and Secretary Pompeo reviewed the state of bilateral relations between Slovenia and the United States and agreed that they are well-developed in all key areas of common interests. Both countries have like-minded views on a number of global issues, especially on the situation in the Western Balkans. Slovenia and the US hold a continue to exchange information on the situation in the region and strongly support their European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. Minister Cerar also emphasized the importance of the implementation of the arbitration award between Slovenia and Croatia over the border dispute. He stressed that Slovenia continues to insist that all countries need to respect the principle of the rule of law, since this is the only path to resolve open issues in the region. He asked Secretary Pompeo to reflect on US positions in this regard. He emphasized that Slovenia would like the US to point out the principle that the implementation of international treaties and decisions by international courts are indispensable.
The ministers touched upon the current issues in transatlantic cooperation, with a focus on NATO. In April 2019, a ceremony will be held in Washington DC on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty but already a few days earlier, Slovenia will mark 15th anniversary of membership in the Alliance. They highlighted the importance of unity and solidarity among the allies, which is also evident in the burden-sharing and facing the current security challenges.
The ministers also talked about the Summit of the Three Seas, which will be held in Slovenia next year. They also discussed other topical issues, including the US continued contribution to the operations of the ITF-Enhancing Human Security Slovenian based organization and expressed the expectation that activities for mine action would continue.
At the end of the conversation minister Dr. Cerar signed in the guestbook of the State Department.
In a separate meeting with National Security Adviser John Bolton, Minster Cerar and his counterpart jointly assessed the relations and cooperation between the countries as very good. The Slovenian Minister conveyed the expectation that even more high-level visits would take place in the coming period, including with the US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump.
NSC Adviser Bolton was particularly interested in the Slovenian view of the current events in the Western Balkans. Adviser Bolton and Minister Cerar agreed that EU-US cooperation in the region is extremely important and that the European and Euro-Atlantic perspectives of the region are key to ensuring its progress, security and stability. They agreed that more attention should be paid to Western Balkans with one of the top priorities being normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo.