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Results of the Embassy quiz about Grammy-winning Slovene-American musician

The deadline for the Embassy quiz "which Grammy-winning Slovene-American entertainer often combined the button box and the banjo in their polka recordings" has ended over the weekend and we are excited to announce that we have received a huge number of replies. 

That being said the correct answer is Frankie Yankovic. Although there were many other musicians of Slovenian origin that deserve recognition, Frankie was the first Grammy-winning Slovene-American entertainer that probably deserves most credit for making the Polka music popular nationwide. He was a true legend and recorded massive hits, such as "Just Because" that had been played even by the biggest music stars of the time that did not easily play covers such as Paul McCartney or Elvis Presley

And because we had so many replies we have decided to draft three winners who shall be receiving the First Day Cover stamp shortly. They are:
- Joe Evanish
- Kim Berg
- Robi Poredoš

We would like to use this opportunity and announce an important development that took place recently regarding Slovenian music in the US. Charles Debevec, an American-Slovenian from Minnesota, who has been collecting recordings of Slovenian music for many years, has shared more than 1500 of his 78 rpm phonograph recordings with the website ARCHIVE.org. The recordings cover the period from the early 1900s to 1958. Audio versions of all of the selections can be played by going to https://archive.org/ and searching the metadata on "Charles Debevec"

Thanks to everyone who participated in the quiz again and for your many interesting comments about the Slovenian music in the US.