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Business delegation of the Slovenian woodworking companies in the USA - Chicago, June 10 - 13, 2019

Business delegation of the woodworking companies, consisting of eight furniture manufacturers from Slovenia, will visit Chicago from June 10 to 13, 2019. Their high quality products are innovative and environment-friendly and can be used for furnishing offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and other premises.

Slovenian companies would like to establish contacts with architects, design/architectural bureaus, real estate managers, builders, agents, retailers. If you are interested to meet  them, please contact Mr Bernard Likar from Slovenian Wood Industry Cluster on e-mail: grozd(at)sloles.com.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
The companies are:
- DONAR (http://donar.si ) Red Dot Award Winner, Green Product Award Winner. Production of ergonomic office chairs, upholstery, open space furniture with integrated technology. Offering the whole service to bring one product from idea to a prototype stage and then to realization/production.
- LINA FURNITURE (www.linafurniture.com ). Interior Innovation Award. Design upholstered furniture and upholstered kids furniture for home and contract market. Lina furniture is an innovative furniture brand with its own production facilities and development. Lina furniture products are mostly upholstered products.
- MURALES (www.murales.si ) Solid wood furniture - chairs and tables. Their strengths are high quality, modern design, stability of products and reliability by making business deals.
- CETA (www.ceta.si ) Furniture and wood flooring by order. Offices, catering establishments, kitchens, rooms, other furnishings and business premises. They can source your designs, design to your requirements or propose our existing products for you to select from.
- L.ASK (http://www.lask.si ) Solid wooden chairs and tables as well as wooden accessories. Various timbers are used as well as water based lacquer in clear, stain and solid finish.
- JOINERY FLORJANCIC (http://florjancic.eu ) Furniture (regal systems) for offices, home furnishings, hospitals and business premises. We provide consulting, planning, manufacturing and delivery of furniture.
- FLOOR EXPERTS  (www.floor-experts.com ) The best solutions for all floor coverings (except ceramic) for both -public and private buildings.
- NOKI ( http://noki.si/en / ) Supply and installation of office furniture of higher quality and furniture pieces or parts.