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Prešeren's Day with an exhibition at the Slovenian Embassy in DC by Brni Lavrisha: ON A WINDING ROAD / PO OVINKIH

Despite the COVID pandemic still being a major nuisance in our daily lives, we are not giving up and are on the occasion of the Cultural Day of Slovenia also known as Prešeren's Day, on February 8, proudly presenting a virtual, as well as by appointment in-person, painting exhibition by American artist of Slovenian descent Brni Lavrisha.

Brni Lavrisha has exhibited his work in numerous exhibitions since 1977, both outside in the nature and in various galleries, including the Cleveland Museum of Art. His works in the present exhibition "On the Winding Road" or in Slovenian "Po ovinkih" at the Embassy in DC is a combination of forms and outlines in a variety of media, including acrylic paint, with oil pastel, pencil and India ink. The artist says that we are bombarded with visual images and can only retain fragments of the mass.  Hence he created spiritual and visceral combinations, sometimes using circular forms and outer periphery, or forms based by bands of color like a fragment of a rainbow. These shapes, colors and lines reveal themselves in the making to impact a message, just as the found objects that can be reused for his sculptures.  

Lavrisha says that it is easier for him to depict his feelings and emotions in a painting or a sculpture than to write them down. In his words he is fortunate enough to live near woods and water that are major source of inspiration for his works. A found object, when resurrected, is given another chance to be useful and meaningful rather than becoming a waste and adding to pollution. Through this process he finds most content when creating a piece and giving it a new meaning.

Enjoy the virtual exhibition bellow. For in-person visits, limited to one person or a family up to four at a time and following strict CDC guidelines for indoor gatherings, please contact the Embassy at: sloembassy.washington[at]gov.si