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Call for proposals for a New Strategy for relations between Slovenia and Slovenians living abroad 2021-2030

The Government of Slovenia recently announced adoption of a new strategy for relations between Slovenia and Slovenians living abroad with an aim to be approved in the first half of 2021.

Slovenian organizations, societies, groups, as well as individuals in the United States and Mexico are called to submit their proposals, argumentation, perspectives and opinions what the strategy should entail for a wide variety of thematic areas, including cultural activities and heritage, preservation of the Slovenian language, economic cooperation and integration, financial assistance, helping young communities with Slovenian ethnic backgrounds among others. Please see a letter by the Minister of the Office of Slovenians Abroad Dr. Jaklitsch for full details.

The Office of Slovenians Abroad will be accepting the proposals at: urad.slovenci(at)gov.si until March 15, 2021.