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Ambassador Kajzer at the Business Conference Global Cleveland 2021

On Monday, February 22 Global Cleveland organized a virtual business conference where the Slovenian Ambassador to the USA Tone Kajzer participated in the "Ambassadors and Diplomats" panel.

During the event, Ambassador Kajzer presented excellent political relations and cooperation between the United States and Slovenia. Among other events he highlighted last year's visit of State Secretary Mike Pompeo to Slovenia and subsequent Slovenian Foreign Minister dr. Anže Logar visit in Washington, when a strategic dialogue between the two countries was launched. The Ambassador also spoke briefly about Slovenia's forthcoming EU Council Presidency and the importance of US-EU cooperation and the strengthening of transatlantic relations, especially in the economic cooperation.

The discussion was focused on strengthening economic and technological cooperation between Slovenia and the United States, with special emphasis on the State of Ohio and the city of Cleveland, which is home to the largest Slovenian community in the US and is also sister city with Ljubljana. Ambassador Kajzer emphasized the importance and contribution of the Slovene community both through the historical development of the US as well as three decades ago, when Slovenia voted for an independent state and the assistance of the Slovene community in the US was crucial. The Ambassador thanked the Slovene community in the state of Ohio for maintaining ties with their homeland and especially emphasized their efforts in nurturing of the Slovenian language, culture and identity.

The discussion was also joined by the Consul General of Slovenia in Cleveland, Alenka Jerak, who presented the numerous activities led by her consulate in the field of economic, tourist and other activities, including gastronomic promotion. Mr. Jurček Žmavc, President of the Slovenian American Business Association SABA also took part in the conversation, focusing on concrete business connections and opportunities to strengthen business cooperation, especially in areas with high technological and other added value.