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Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) for air or maritime arrivals in Slovenia

Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs) are used by public health authorities to facilitate contact tracing in case travellers are exposed to an infectious disease during their travel by plane, ship (cruise/ferry), rail, bus or automobile. Information that travellers provide in PLFs can be used by public health authorities in destination countries to rapidly contact travellers, with the goal of protecting the health of travellers’ and their contacts, as well as preventing further disease spread.

From August 16 on, travelers entering Slovenia through air or maritime (cruise or ferry) will be asked to complete a digital Passenger Locator Form for their travel using the European dPLF web application.

Each adult person will be required to complete an individual dPLF, whether they travel as a family or a part of a group.

Travelers in transit, who are staying in the transit area of the airport, will not be required to complete a dPLF (unless the traveler leaves the airport for any kind of reason).

Further information concerning a dPLF can be found here: www.euplf.eu/en/home/index.html